Search Engine Optimization

A method of increasing the visibility of web page on the unpaid search engine results is recognized as search engine optimization. “Digital Vision Technology Pvt Ltd Technology Private Limited” (DVTPL) is Certified Partner of Google, so all the search engine optimization is done based on the visibility of websites or web page on Google search engine. A team of SEO professionals and content writer are appointed by based on their rich industrial SEO experience and knowledge of search engine optimization. SEO Analyst handles the search engine optimization of any website or web page, under the supervision of our mentor. Based on the competitiveness and work done, the SEO professionals suggest clients with certain keywords that could effectively promote their business in the most efficient manner. For example tour and travel sites are very difficult to work on, due to its high competitive value. Similarly, it is very difficult to work on short-term keywords due to extremely high competition. Once the keywords are approved by the client, the optimization of the website is started. The optimization of a website for increasing the visibility on Google can be done by getting indexed under the supervision of skilled SEO professionals and creative content writer. For increasing the ranking of the website, a large number of unique content is required in the form of interesting blogs, articles and press releases. Unique content is provided by our content writer, who holds expertise experience in writing blogs, press release, articles and other web-based content. Content writer, provides relevant content for improving the rank of any website. By working in close coordination with the clients and content writer, the SEO professionals ensure that the ranking of client websites increases in the most efficient manner. In addition to this, to increase the rank of any website on Google, the SEO professionals works to effectively prevents crawling of undesirable content. A weekly report of process and work done on optimization of any website is emailed to the client. Qualified SEO professionals make use of cross-linking and URL normalization apart from Meta tagging, for effectively increasing the prominence of any website within the search limit. Based on the needs of clients, the SEO professionals can increase the ranking of a website by using white hat SEO techniques or black hat techniques. The white hat SEO techniques are slow, but the results last longer, where else, the black hat SEO techniques are fast and the websites can be banned once the search engine discover black hat technology. Once a website is banned for low-quality content, it is very hard to increase its ranking in future; hence it is always advisable to use white hat techniques for improving the rank of a website on non-paid web searches on Google. Google periodically releases its panda updates to identify low-quality website based on their web content.

Benefits of SEO done by “Digital Vision Technology Pvt Ltd Technology Private Limited” are:-

  • Customized SEO solutions
  • Increased Traffic
  • Tractable and quantifiable results
  • Fast and reliable SEO ranking
  • Cost effectiveness
  • Increased site usability
  • Brand Awareness
  • Systematic execution